Greetings from Japan!

Right.  So I just arrived yesterday, which would have been Friday at midnight for people living in the states.  What a long flight it was, seriously.

Landing in the airport was sooo nice.  I have never seen such a clean, quiet, *empty* airport ever.  If I remember correctly, the last time I landed in Japan was way back in 1994 or 1995.  But anyway, thankfully quick service lead to a very quick exit out of customs and into more shenanigans in the main terminal.  lol. 

My friend Zack was supposed to be waiting in the terminal, but I didn't see him when I walked out.  It wouldn't be until 4 hours later I would find out that he was not only 30 minutes late, but in the wrong part of the airport heh.  By the time I was able to navigate the subway, hail a taxi, and find a cheap hotel, poor Zack waited at the Narita airport until I was able to phone him.

Good gawd. 

Meh.  Anyways, its 6.30am here, and I'm gonna meet James at 8am.  Zack is sposed to appear sometime later today, and yes, ALL THREE OF US WILL BE DRINKING (confirmed!!!!).

Until next time.

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