Late Late Post from Narita Airport

Sorry for not posting all week.  I didn't have internet connection for a few days due to all of the madness that is Japan.  Currently, I'm in Narita Airport crashing for the night cuz I missed my flight.

Japanese subways suck.  Period. 

It's so mindboggling hard to figure out where you're going sometimes.  Not to mention the mass floods of people constantly walking around the subway lines. 

So thanks to that I got completely lost on the way back to Narita Airport and arrived 30 some minutes late.

In other news…

I'll recap last night (Friday).  Pretty much at the beginning of the day my bus arrived in Shinjuku from Sendai (where James lives).  Zack, who lives in Ikebukuro, told me that I should call him upon arrival, which I did…at 6 am in the morning.  We didn't get into contact until around 10 ish or so, so it was a nice fun wait.  I spent most of the time riding the Yamanote line for a few hours watching people get on and off the subway train.  Btw the Yamanote line rides in a circle and takes roughly 20~30 minutes to make a full circle from where you get on. 

We decided to meet at Akihabara since I was already there.  At Akiba, there was a reallly cool building full of figures, manga, and DVD's that was just cleverly tucked away since the last time we were there.  Man…figurines are AWESOME.  There was a crap-ton of Armored Core figures that I'm in love with, a $200+ Getsumen to Heiki Mina pre-painted statue, tons and tons of nekkid figurines, etc etc.  Juicy.

Highlight of Akiba was definitely the legendary Gamers, but the store employees were surprisingly…modest.  Ah, and as a tip, whenever you enter any anime store, there is always this pattern: 1st floor = New goods, 2nd floor Older goods, 3rd floor = doujinshi's, and the top most floors = hentai.  Everytime.  I thought I got around that pattern when I noticed a stairway full of anime posters on the wall going down…into a porn section.  Nice lure into a freakin trap yes, yes…

Later at night Zack and I went to meet his friends who were leaving for the country.  We got lost, but it was cool to meet his friends.  There was cute girls, and some cool dudes who looked like heavy drinkers.  Overall, a nice international mix of peeps.  We tried to go to Nomihoudai (all you can drink for 1 or 2 hours for a flat fee) but the pricing was too steep for them.  We ended up leaving early to catch the last subway train while the rest went to a karaoke bar.

Highlight of the day: On the way back to Zack's dorm on the train, a friggin drunk guy was breathing all over me when I was sitting down in front of him.  He reeked soooo bad of alcohol (or prolly puke) that his hand was literally the only thing keeping him from falling flat on his ass.  Not only that, but even though the train was packed, lol the Japanese people on the train were not even 2 feet close to this guy.  I was the only unfortunate victim RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM.  It was so unnerving to see a drunk guy keep wavering toward you, never knowing when he was gonna puke…too bad I didn't have my camera.

So I'll end it this post with a few pics.  See you guys on Sunday >_>

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