Livehouse in Wichita?


I've never been to a livehouse here at home ever.  What a cool experience!  And all this time it was literally sitting right next to WSU…

A friend of mine,Rathana, was playing at Kirby's Beer Store with her band the "Roller Girls" (sp).  Well, they aren't all girls, there is one guy sitting on guitar.  I'm sure if he put some make up on and…wait no no…they were pretty good for just their second performance.  I was told that they're music is Indie, but it felt there was a trace of pop and some electronica thrown in for good measure. 

They're next live performance will be in 2 weeks.

Kirby's was having an August rock event showcasing some local talents and more during everying weekend and some week nights.  I'll definitely try to check out another event sometime before the month is out.

Roller Girls consist of 4 members: Rathana's sister on piano and vocals, Rathana herself on bass, (I forget his name) on guitar, and a tall white girl on drums.

I'll try to remember their names next time ><

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