Laid-back and in cruise-control.

What a lazy week its been.  Ever since I lost my iPod a few weeks back, its just been…well…agonizing *tear*  I can't listen to my beloved podcasts at work, and as a result I've been out of the loop in a slump of sorts.  I can't even understand how I even lost my iPod in the first place ><;;

On that note, I have re-ordered a new refurbished iPod.  However the delivery rate is unbelievably slowwww.  Word of caution to all you potential iPod buyers: DON'T BUY FROM FOTOELECTRONICS!!  Their service is absolute garbage.  "We guarantee delivery within 10~14 business days yada yada" not true!  It's going on 14 days, and my item is still hasn't been sent to UPS for delivery.  Grr…

Meh anyways, I figured I ought to at least put up some stuff for reading value. So I present to you some interesting music I found a bit ago. The artists' name is Perfume.  Its kind of electronica j-pop in the same vein as KOTOKO and Akino Arai. 

I highly recommend it!

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