Facebook, meet thy enemy…er, Enemybook.

Many people are aware of the hugely popular social networking site, Facebook.  I use it also, mainly to keep in touch with close friends as well as old friends from way back when.  Its a good app for acquaintances and best buds to communicate with each other.

Now meet Enemybook, one of many social apps made for Facebook, created by Kevin Matulef, MIT grad and tutor.  One day, some students were discussing how they have fake friends on their profile.  He thought about what they said and thought they should just make enemies instead.  And so out pooped Enemybook.  It allows users to pick lifetime nemeses and rivals and add them to the list, letting friends know who's not in their "circle".

Beware though, labeling some friends in your blackbook might not be a prudent idea.  So instead of putting real friends in there, you might wanna try putting fake profiles on the list instead.  Kevin has created some fake profiles such as George Bush, Ann Coulter, and even Coldplay.  Hell, he's even added Mark Zuckerburg, founder of facebook, Harvard drop-out and long-time rival of all MIT students. 

This creative app allows users to make even more quirky profiles and express themselves polically or socially.  Don't like a certain person or group?  Add them to your list, and make it known.

To learn more, check out the full article here.

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