How much do you know about table manners?

Its been a while since I've posted, so here's a little tidbit before I write up some more stuff later this week.  I think its pretty safe to say most people are getting knocked around by midterms and such (especially myself, lol).

I was perusing the interwebs as usual a few days back and saw this neat-o survey from about bad chopstick manners. 

If you don't know what chopsticks are, refer to the image on the left.

Looking back, I wished I could have seen this before I went to Japan back in July, but then again, the article was published in September so uh…scratch that thought. Anyway, its interesting to note that the number one bad habit is watashi bashi (渡し橋) or resting chopsticks sideways on top of the rice bowl.  Whoa.  This is bad?  Basically, watashi bashi is a signal that says you are done eating, and that you "don't want anymore".   If you think about it, I guess it could be taken as an insult to a guest who is serving you.

Another funny part of the survey is Q2: Other people's bad habits you can't help noticing.  Two of the twenty items were often-made mistakes by foreigners.  I thought it was frighteningly accurate, because I have seen white people in restaurants in Japan doing this quite often. 

Anyways, if you want to read a more simplistic guide on chopstick etiquette, please check out this.

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