Japan asks America to stop Illegal net releases

Source: ANN

This was put out a week ago, and I didn't catch the news until yesterday. 

Due to the rising tide of anime P2P networks and bittorrent sites, Japan has asked the American Government to aid in stopping illegal networking sites.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry Affairs sent out the request on October 18th at the Japan-US Trade Forum meeting.

Copyright holders have linked downward sales in the industry to US based video sites and peer to peer networks.  They also argue that despite repeated attempts to request removal of copyrighted works, there appears to be no resolution in the near future.

YouTube appears to be one of the worst infringers, as well as other web sites that link to bittorrent sites.  The legal costs are becoming more of a financial burden for these companys, and the overseas copyright procedures are complex, considering that the offenders are located across the sea.

What does this mean to you?  Well what it means is that a new RIAA or MPAA style group might be in the works, with the added potential of DRM rights being enforced (which could mean a large fine for you).  Fansubbers might be forced to revoke new releases of shows that fans who don't live in Japan will probably never be able to see. 

As it stands right now, there is no development state-side, but the news has created a large effect.  You probably won't be able to browse some anime-related forum without seeing this topic come up in debate.  I for one am actually pretty saddened…hopefully this doesn't develop into some RIAA shotgun-style-gotta-catch-em-all-and-die-you-dirty-users kind of action…

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2 Responses to “Japan asks America to stop Illegal net releases”

  1. 1 .cloverbell December 15, 2007 at 5:25 am

    RIA no matter how clueless they are will never ever keep a pirate down.all these companies claiming to be losing money. They are really, honestly and truthfully are not going bankrupt or loosing tons of dough. Overseas fans (who lack the resources) aren't even able to buy a copy of fresh unlicensed anime or video.It's like AVEX's huuuuge crack down on youtube. Because of that I've never seen a music video of Capsule. I can't even buy their DVD since I don't have an all region DVD player. Most Japanese DVD's are friggn expensive anyway and they don't sell them locally where I live. so…. how in the world is my downloading going to affect their budget?I'm sure fan subbers will find ways around this. (*ahem* m.irc)I wish Creative Commons was more enforced and companies would have the heart to SHARE some content for the sake meeting customer needs rather than spear heading the issue and treating every downloader like scum of the earth.*breathes fire* I better stop before I start ranting all over the place! xD

  2. 2 patapete December 15, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    Great viewpoints, Clover! Its okay to rant every once in awhile, lol :)I wholeheartedly agree. I don't believe the RIAA has anything to do with the anime industry, but in conjunction with the DRM policy sweeping the U.S. (and now currently in the U.K.), and the MPAA, its not hard to envision a future that demands copyright protection and censure.The idea that they're losing copius amounts of income is questionable, however it is a fact that this trend is on the rise. If these industries want to continue creating a revenue stream, then naturally they need to adapt. The net is new species that these companies are still trying to figure out how to profit from, albeit in a slow manner.Its no wonder the writer's strike over the studio companie's future internet policies is happening; one only needs to see whats happening on the web.

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