Fate/Stay Night 3D arcade game

Source: Canned Dogs Blog

Capcom is releasing a 3D fighter in 2008 called Fate/unlimited codes.  The teaser site has been released, however it won't be fully open until the 21st, according to the Canned Dogs blog.

There are no real news on the upcoming project, but it appears not unlike the popular doujin game, Fatal/Fake.  On the Famicon news site, there's not a whole lot of information about the character list and system, but it can be assumed that all of the main characters will be included.  Maybe even characters from TYPE-MOON's Fate/Zero novels, which recently came out
with its third novel last July.

Hopefully the game will take off well, considering Capcom's well known successes in the fighting game franchises and Melty Blood's popularity.

In other news, Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka is supervising and producing a new project for Konami.  No real news on what it is, but you can probably expect some creepy stuff, if its anything like Silent Hill…

He also has a solo album entitled iFuturelist which contains some really offbeat music.  Its a pretty unique departure from his Silent Hill roots.  Overall its pretty good, kinda too retro sounding for my tastes though.

Here's a sample video from his album:


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