One look at this image and the first thing that comes to mind is portal.  One of the editors from joystiq.com passed by this display in San Fran while walking to GDC, and posted this picture.  Could it be, portal 2 is in the works?  And if it is, sure does look like those tests are gonna be alot harder…

Also, kotaku.com reports about a psychic controller for the PC.  Cooooool!  It looks a little creepy, but according to the report, a game will be boxed in with the peripheral for the subtle price of (cue drumroll, please!) $300 dollars! Ouch.  You must see the pictures for yourself; the design is pretty out of this world.  Did I mention you can surf the 'net with it?  I could think of a few games I'd want to play with my mind too, heh heh…

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