The Interview

As you might have guessed, this week's guest blogger is none other than Saber, from the hit television show Fate/Stay Night.  She currently works for the immensely popular company TYPE-MOON, and has starred in many different videogames and books.

This interview was taken yesterday.

First off, thanks for becoming this week's guest blogger.

You're welcome.  It is my honor.

How long have you worked for TYPE-MOON?

I have worked there for over four years now.  I started as a character in their first visual novel in 2004.  It became a TV show.  I was the main character.

I noticed you're not using "middle english".  Was that part of your act?

Yes.  It was hard to speak like that everyday.  I had to take lessons in grammar.  I very much prefer casual English, because it is simple and easy to understand.  The character Saber was from a very old period, so it would be very silly for her to speak using modern intonation and grammar. 

Fate/Stay Night is a really popular series in Japan.  There's also alot of doujinshi series about your character.  How do you feel about them?

It is regrettable, but if the fans e-enjoy that kind of work, then it is fine for me as well…

Are you referring to the "adult" doujinshi?

Okay…switching topics: what do you think of the new FSN game approaching? 

I am looking forward to it.  I spent alot of time working with Capcom during the creation process.  Hopefully alot of my signature moves are as accurate also.  Between you and me, I am actually faster in real life than in the game.  If I was as fast as I am now, I would probably be too strong for the game and they would have to make everyone as fast as me.

I see…are you familiar with Soul Calibur?  They featured a character that also uses the name Arthur.

I have not heard of him.  He does not look anything like me.  Why is Arthur wearing Japanese dougu and holding a katana?  Where is his Excalibur?  It seems to me like the creators have misunderstood who Arthur is.

Well it seems that particular character model has also appeared in the latest Samurai Spirits game.  There's a character named "Claude" who also sports a katana and bushido style…

Ridiculous.  They are insulting my honor.

You mean your character Saber, right?

You know what I mean.

Ahaha…all right…well lets go ahead and close up this interview.  Any final words for your fans?

Please do not dress up in samurai armor and use the name Arthur please.  And thank you for all of your support in the past.

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