Shocking: Super Street Fighter II HD is still…Street Fighter

Super Street Fighter II HD Remix

If you look at the background carefully, you can see that most of the audience is still stuck at 2-3 frame animations.  My friend Andy pointed out that hilarious fact.  But still, though…thats some really nice looking 2D animation. 

There's supposed to be tweaks in the character movesets for most of the roster, or at least, thats what I read from the Capcom Blog.  David Sirlin, world-reknowned SF competitor, helped write many of the revamps to characters such as Balrog (this guy can't even kick, yet he's considered top tier) and Blanka.  In this sense, SSF2:HD can be considered the sixth installment of the Street Fighter II series.  Alpha only had three, as did Street Fighter 3…

Many thanks to Shyang, for sharing this video!

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