Weekends are long…

Apologies again, I haven't touched my computer since last…Thursday I think.  Alot of stuff has been going on in the final weekend before I head back home, so I've been maximizing (maximizing?) the number of things to do in a single day.  Thursday and Friday are really fuzzy, so I'll just try to post stuff about last Saturday.

James, my good buddy who teaches in Sendai, came down to visit for the weekend.  Saturday morning…hmm…lets not go into what happened Friday night > Saturday morning.  I woke up in Akihabara at one of the 24 hour video boxes, and saw 2 missed calls from him.  I was really messed up from the night before, so quickly I rushed to the train station and headed toward Ikebukuro to meet James.

Man, he's gotten skinnier since last I saw him.  Plus he's wearing a pimpin wii jacket!  We both went back to Hibarigaoka to drop off his stuff, and then around 2 p.m. we booked it off to Roppongi Hills for Beerfest 2008.  Zack was also attending.

Originally I had invited the UK army, which is a group of 10 guys who are vacationing here in Japan for a month, but they hadn't woken up or something that day. 

Beerfest was allright.  They only had 5 beers to choose from, which was far away from what I thought was going to be there.  There was alot of people, so that was good, but the amount of things you could do was pretty limited.  Unfortunately, the weather was also pretty chilly, so that didn't help much.  I felt really bad for the performers who were wearing really skimpy clothes.

After that we walked around Tokyo Midtown, and we saw the Konami headquarters!  At seven o'clock we were also supposed to meet some girls from Chiba that were Zack's friends.  Originally it was just supposed to be me and Zack, but James tagged along too.  We ate at this really good izakaya restaurant, and hopped over to karaoke after that.  James was piss drunk and sexually harassing the two girls…that was bad.  I hate it when he gets like that.

There's actually more to this story, but I'm just going to focus on Saturday's events and save it for a later post.  Also, I've updated the flickr page with more photos, so please hop by if you want to see some pictures of the events.  Here's a sample:

Japan 059Rip Girls on stageThe elusive Konami office!Karaoke bar

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