Some funny photos

Was just browsing some of the photos from Japan in a feeble attempt to post something before I take a nap (just got home from work, and am seriously jetlagging).  Hope you guys enjoy them šŸ˜€

This person must've been in a serious hurry, since they didn't take the time to properly chain their bike to the post…

This vending machine was in Hibarigaoka, and was the first one of its kind that I've come across.  You put in 1000 yen, and a random item ranging from jewelry to a PSP would drop.  I swear this is a scam, but Zack manned up and tried it out.  He got a chain bracelet (and likes it too).

This guy was wandering around the Asahi TV building at the Roppongi Hills Beerfest, and we couldn't help staring at him.  After I got a picture with him, other people started staring at me

I think this particular picture speaks for itself.  Pwnt!

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