E3 is serving up some weird, weird stuff

Alot of good news coming out of E3, but there were some other, probably, I dunno…unnoticed news bits?  The weirdest thing I've seen is this screenshot from Tina Sanchez's blog at 1up (you might have to squint to read the small text).  It's a game called "Dark Room Sex Game." 

Wait, what?  Its for the Wii, you say?  Really?  No kidding?

I did some extra digging and found out that its exactly what it purports itself to be…a multiplayer erotic music game.  The site explains it better:

"Dark Room Sex Game is a multiplayer, erotic rhythm game without any visuals, played only by audio and haptic ?) cues. The game can be played with Nintendo Wiimote controllers or a keyboard.

In Dark Room Sex Game, the player works with his or her partner to find a mutual rhythm, then speeds up gradually until climax. In four-player “orgy” mode, players swap partners randomly and compete to reach orgasm the fastest.

Our idea was that a sex game would in fact be even more erotic if one stripped away all visuals and forced players to use their imaginations. Our hope was to use a combination of humor and embarrassment to make players uncomfortable, yet strangely satisfied.  Or, you can just view it as a cool party game."

I edited a bunch of text because it was a bit wordy.  I know people were joking around about weird wii games a while ago, but how awesome is it that its a real game, lol?  The game is available for download from the website, if anybody wishes to do so.  God I wish I went to Denmark University now.  If anybody actually downloads it, lemme know how it plays…

Sample gameplay video..

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