…and a bit of a minor update

Last week, I had intended to post info about the upcoming new Arc System Works 2D fighter BLAZBLUE, but due to a lack of pertinent info I unfortunately couldn't really come up with anything better than Wikipedia's article.  The game system is all there, and from a quick rundown it sounds a lot like Arcana Heart, minus the Arcanas.  I was hoping the game would offer a bit more in terms of the system, but nevertheless its still too early to speculate.

There's 10 characters available, which is kind of average for a next-gen fighter.  Alot of blogs and forum posts around the web reported only 4 playable characters at the Anime Expo demo, with alot of people clamoring to play Ragna.  It was noted, however, that the character with the longest win streaks usually belonged to Taokaka.  Some people reported that she was the easiest character to pick up, with simple dial-a-combos and rush game.

Other news: 

  • Soul Calibur IV's English voice acting is TERRIBLE.  I hate, hate, hate it.
  • Fate: Unlimited Codes is turning out to be a combo game.  Japanese gameplay vids pretty much just show each character combo-looping over and over…and there's little to nothing you can do about it.
  • Street Fighter IV is near complete; its shipping out in Japan in two days!

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