Simple, fun, addictive! The Last Guy!

I recently heard about this game from the latest 1up podcast today!  The Last Guy is a simple and addictive flash game program that assigns you as the last guy who's goal is to rescue people and evacuate them to safety.  The battle ground is the coolest part: you can choose any website on the internet as the backdrop.  Depending on which site you pick, the game is either going to be a cakewalk, or extremely difficult. 

I tried out this blog page as the background, and it was kinda easy.  You might want to try sites like Google, eBay, or Wikipedia for starters.  1up recommends trying google map addresses for the most fun (its more maze-like and challenging). 

The Last Guy is currently available on the PS3 network (Japanese version) for download!


The Last GuyThe Last GuyThe Last Guy

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