Congratulations to the new Bride and Groom!

Congratulations to Hung and Christince!  Facebook is already a buzz with tons and tons of photos from many a friend.  I also took some pictures, but they didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.  Thanks Andy, for letting me use a few of your photoes here.

Friday night, my friend from Arkansas came up in full swing with a large group of VSA members from the local chapter here as well.  We hung out at a private party Friday, drank a beer or two, and had a great time.  Consequently after partying hard, they worked up a pretty large appetite.  So I lead them to this late-night Chinese buffet restaurant, and we stayed there wrecking the place all the way until 4 a.m., occasionally watching some Olympic action on the tele.  

I didn't sleep that night until 5 a.m., and consequently woke up late the next day for the ceremony.

After arriving 15 minutes late, I came just in time to see the wedding vows exchanged and the following photoshoot.  Apparently before I came, they did a funny group pose with everyone holding out their phones, lol!  I wished I had seen that.  We still took more funny poses, so it turned out okay.

After the ceremony, I went to go pick up my friend and go to the reception.  We ended up being late, because she wanted to dress nice after leaving an event sponsored at the lake.  I missed my friend's speech to the groom and bride.  I was told it was epic.  Everybody got hella drunk, and some of the groomsmen gave the groom this evil, evil concoction of like 10 different kinds of hard liquor.  He was messed up quickly thereafter!

As the night wound down, everyone got ready for the nightclub while I stayed with the Arkansas people.  They were really cool, and pretty funny guys.  Two of the guys from out of state kept challenging me at cards, with a shot at stake.  I trumped them both, and made 'em pick out which one they had to drink lol.  Too good to pass up!

For the remainder of the night, it was spent with the hometown buds at a nightclub.  The groom didn't go, as he was passed out at home.  Most of the guys from the reception went, and a few of us just hung out by the patio.   This is one of my favorite pics of the night.

You can see more photoes at the flickr page.

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