Whatcha playin?

Been playing this game non-stop for nearly 2 hours now, and I can't put it down!  This is going to be my addiction for a while, probably lasting the entire week, I think.  Ah…so many fond memories of Earthbound keep swelling up…

Scrambling around and trying to figure out how to play this game was quite the challenge, but now that it's finally in front of me, it's sooooooooo worth it!!  Big props to the guys over at fobby.net for jumping the hurdles and hacking the Japanese GBA rom for all of us eager fans here in the states.  Too bad Nintendo didn't port it over, but after a few hours of playing (and browsing this particular site) I can kind of see why. 

I'm considering doing a small playthrough journal for the game.  It'd be hard to start over (since I'm this far), but if anyone's interested, I don't mind starting over.  But what do you think, voice-over or none?  Comments?  And if anyone has any good recommendations on video recording software, send me a message!

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