Back home again

Wow, what an intense weekend!  Last time I posted, I was really, really tired.  I must've walked at least 15 miles Saturday alone.  And then on Sunday, I logged another 10 miles on top of that.  Now my left leg is paying the price because I've developed a small limp.  It kind of hurts to walk around the house.

I'm pretty confident I did well on the JLPT!  Everytime I finished the test, there was plenty of time left on the clock to go back and double-check all my answers.  Aside from a few annoying kids who kept making snide remarks during the listening portion, the test itself was pretty quick and pleasant.  I think alot of the people who took the test were high school kids urged by their Japanese teachers. 

I must've looked like an old man next to them, haha!

Funny thing also, after the test.  I got lost trying to find Pier 31, and asked a guy selling wares on the street for directions.  He was so nice!  He took me to a map and gave me some instructions on how to get there.  I asked him for change for a five to ride the muni, but he just reached in his pocket and gave me $1.50 in quarters, just like that!  If I ever see him again, I will definitely buy some of his goods…

San Francisco is really beautiful.  I'd definitely like to come back and visit again (and hopefully stay longer too).  It all comes down to next year!


Minor updates:

  • I didn't get a chance to put up a Its quiz time this week, but rest assured there'll be one this weekend.  Apologies if anyone was waiting for it. 
  • Finally finished Mother 3!  Mini review to come later this week, so please look forward to it!
  • Has anyone seen the movie JCVD?  I've never seen Jean Claude Van Damme act so brilliantly, even if it was just a parody of his movie persona.  Definitely a recommend to all movie fans!

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