Long Long Breaks

Happy belated New Year everyone!  Sorry, I've been in a funk (and a really nasty one at that).

This hasn't been the best of months in recent memory.  Not to say there weren't any good points at all because there were, but the amount of hardships were just too much and too frequent.  And in spite of speaking my mind out loud about everything and anything like I'm desperate to do, I think it'd be best to just point in the general direction to where I wrote about what happened.

I said before that I don't like posting personal things.  I still don't.  I left that for the other blog I keep where I pound out my thoughts onto the screen and let loose my feelings.  It's kind of therapeutic, but not quite the same as talking to real people.  But it's in the past now, and I'm trying to put it all sadly behind me.

On a lighter note, my friend James came back into town last week.  It was good seeing him again, since we didn't get much of a chance to meet back in June of last year.  He brought his funny girlfriend from Japan too!  I hope she wasn't too freaked out by all of us drunk alcoholics.

James gave me an offer.  He said if I wanted to, I could come stay with him for three months in Japan, with rent and food taken care of.  I won't be there for fun, but rather in an effort to create some new stuff like a book, or a comic, or a screenplay or maybe even some kind of project online.  Three months to collaborate.

I took him up on his offer.  After last month and all the recent events, I think a good break is in order.  I don't know about letting him take all that up on his own, so I want to chip out as well by finding a job there.  I won't be staying past three months, unless something really spectacular crosses my way.  Which I doubt could happen, lol.

I start packing my bags in mid February.

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