Goodbye, 1UP Podcasts

Perhaps due to the recent UGO acquisition of the 1UP network, this week's 1UP Yours podcast didn't come out as scheduled.  I was really hoping it would, after the news broke earlier up the week but feared the worst.  No more Garnett, no more Shane, no more John…no more stunningly in-depth and analytic game reports.  The only other alternative to gaming news that I have now are the IGN podcasts which, while humorous, doesn't have the same bite 1UP was so good at doing. 

It was bad enough when Shawn Elliott and Jeff Green left GFW, but as long as 1UP was around, everything was still alright.  But now 1UP yours and 1UP FM have disappeared and it's too much…too much I tell you.

The other day though, I got an email from my buddy Cuong who also follows the 1UP podcasts.  He sent me a link that pointed to a new site that all the old regulars have flocked to and started doing on their own time.  It's a news blog not unlike Dan Hsu and Crispin Boyer's sore thumbs blog.

There's also a new podcast on there called Rebel FM!  A new one!  I checked it out on iTunes and lo and behold, it's already shot up to number two most downloaded podcast!  The content's still the same, but since it's the flagship episode, it's kind of rough and new.  Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely happy my favorite personalities are still on board!  Next week they're adding Shane in to the mix to see how it goes.  That's gonna be a can't-miss show.

Thank goodness there's still a way to keep up with those guys, despite all the bad news.  Thank goodness there's still a silver lining on this cloud.  Best wishes to you guys! 

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