A Week in Links (House Remix edition)

Good friend and beer advocate Cloverbell sent me a cool link the other day.  I don't know how she finds all these really crazy music vids and finds the time out of her hectic schedule to send them to me, but this last one was really cool

I've never heard of a theremin or seen one in action, but the artist in the video uses one to recreate a Daft Punk cover song.  There's even a Nintendo DS thrown in for good measure, how hardcore is that!  You gotta see it!

As for the image up above, I don't think much needs to be explained.  Scroll down a bit further to see the news article from whence it came..!

Come for the Music, Stay for the Theremin (Cloverbell's recommendation)
Is this NSFW?  I mean, it's not real people but…
Holy cow this chair is freaking sweet
Burger King has either the greatest idea of all time, or the worst
UDON is looking for a few good fan artists for a Dark Stalkers Tribute!

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