Okay okay…last bit of a rant about 1UP / UGO, I promise

Mega64: EGM Metaphors

Mega64 explains the UGO / EGM predicament in the only way possible.  With metaphors.

I'll just say it: I hated what happened to EGM.  To think that an excellent, long-running magazine such as they would be dismissed so unceremoniously…it's a shuddering thought.  Right before their 20th Anniversary shindig, too.

I mean, I grew up with EGM way back in the day when games were for nerds and kids were more into Saved the Bell, pop tarts and slap bracelets.  Granted, they weren't always the coolest thing to be seen with.  Somewhere in the corner of my room I still have that hideous EGM cover art of Ryu debuting in Third Strike that I used to tuck into my shoulder on the way to class.  And I still have that hefty issue that clocked in over 300 pages that was unbelievably heavy for a skinny asian kid carrying around in his backpack.

It's okay though, EGM had its own share of growing pains like the rest of us.

There's a bit of fondness that grows on you when you've known something for such a long time like EGM.  But while you may not have given it all the attention it may have deserved when it was there, once it's gone and out of your life you really begin to see all the things you missed about it.

Alot of commenters have said some pretty nasty things about UGO and what they did to EGM.  You can tell there's outrage just by watching that Mega64 clip at the top of this blog post.  But I'm glad someone set the record straight from behind the desks at 1UP.  If you really want to know what went down, you owe it to yourself to read what Sam Kennedy had to say about it. 

As for where 1UP is headed into the future, you may want to read this.  Personally, I hope they implement those changes ASAP, because the new 1UP is gonna be rockin.

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1 Response to “Okay okay…last bit of a rant about 1UP / UGO, I promise”

  1. 1 Hangaku Gozen January 17, 2009 at 10:51 am

    I'm sorry to hear that EGM has gone under, though I stopped reading the magazine several years ago when the editorial staff responded to charges that they were sexist by flaunting pictures of semi-nude women in obviously demeaning poses. (Really mature, that.) They seemed to think that their audience was a bunch of anti-social, basement-dwelling, teenaged Neanderthals, a stereotype of gamers that I can't stand. But 1UP was a genuinely interesting and useful website. I hope UGO remains true to its ethos and keeps publishing honest, straightforward game reviews and news about the trade, which itself is in trouble because of the economy and supposedly dwindling interest in videogames.(Which I didn't see last Christmas: it was still impossible to find a Wii for sale around here, even at the mega-super-big-box stores.)

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