Spotlight: Nifty websites you ought to visit

During television's golden years it was easy to find good quality programming.  A simple flick of the switch, and you were tuned in with the best tv had to offer.  But In the off-chance channel surfing wasn't working its magic, the tv guide channel was the next best destination, feeding program schedules to you like a doting parent.

Nowadays, surfing the net has become a tad intimidating compared to the few hundred channels broadcast tv had.  There's just way way way too much info out there to be handled, and it can be quite overwhelming.  Even though we might have google out there to help guide us along, they aren't any more helpful than picking up the phone and dialing in numbers at random.

So for those of you who are distressed (or perhaps just interested in finding new things to read), I humbly present a small selection of websites that might hopefully satisfy your thirst for entertainment.  Or kill 5 minutes of your time. 

Just click on the image for the link!

1. Superuseless Superpowers

Tired of reading about superheroes that are just way too powerful?  This site indulges in the monotany of the bizarre, whimsical, yet ultimately useless world of useless superpowers.  Updated daily, you can check out the humorous twists on super abilities that you may (or may not) want!

2. Castle Vidcons

Rarely has a webcomic presented video games news all wrapped up in a hilarious and unique format!  Castle Vidcons is a comic about a fictional kingdom in which video game consoles are the masters.  The absurd amount of hijinx they encounter are a telling tale of their real-life counterparts and their fan's mixed reactions to them.

3. Today's Free Game

Now THIS is clever!  Instead of the hundreds and hundreds of free gaming sites that try to lure you in, this site instead does something ingenious: a free game link once-a-day!  There's reviews and a small synopsis on the site, so you can read up before you try it.  If the present day's offering doesn't perk your interest, you can browse previous entries to find something you like!

4. Engrish

One of the older yet lesser known websites on Japanese culture, does a hilarious job of finding and sharing hundreds of wacky grammar in Japanese pop culture, be it T-Shirts, advertisements, billboards, you name it.  You can always count on them for a good laugh!

5. Xtranormal

Finally, if you're ever in a creative mood xtranormal has the stuff for you.  Ever wanted to make your own movie?  You can do all kinds of director-ish things by writing your own script, positioning the camera angles, and controlling the pacing the way you want it.  It's a bit time-consuming, but in the end you can see the fruits of your labor and post it anywhere you want!  And if creating isn't your thing, they have a humble gallery of user-submitted works to get your creative juices flowing.

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