A week in links: Geek out edition

I took a semi-break the past week to catch up on a whoooooooole bunch of anime titles I hadn't heard of but were told (forcibly) to watch.  Shows like Kannagi, for example — I watched a few episodes when it first came out, but wasn't able to keep up with it due to…other things.  I'm glad I finished it though, it's my new favorite show!  Who knew the manga-ka Takenashi Eri had ties to Type-Moon, the same people who made Fate / Stay Night!  And the anime staff?  They're the same people who helped make Suzumiya Haruhi and Lucky Star!  Win-win all around!

Down the week I'm going to pull up another Street Fighter IV match and analyze it.  Less than a week before it hits the streets, so it's a good time to get hype!

Good Smile Company introduces NENDOROID NAGI!!
Jeez, what happened to you guys?
Play your very own table-top Maid Game RPG (woot)
Hiroshi Tamaki (Chiaki from Nodame) to be in new Live-Action Gundam
From Type-Moon, this is an anime show you can't afford to miss

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