Match Analysis: ShikSup vs Pungko

ShikSup (BL) vs Pungko (RY)

Little bit of history: PungKo was well known for his aggressive playstyle back during the King of Fighters XI days. Although risky, his relentless assault demanded quick reflexes just to be able to keep up.  He wasn't invincible though; there were occasions he would lose outright from not being defensive enough.

In this video you can still see his King of Fighter roots from the use of cr. short > cr. jab.  From there, he can apply additional pressure with Ryu's forward+fierce punch, or just simply throw.  That sets up a mean guessing game.  He also uses the focus attack really well, baiting opponents to attack him and eat the counter. 

PungKo does an excellent job using ex-Shoryuken > cancel into Ultra Combo (@the 0:43 second mark).  After a couple of those, anybody would be hesitant to stick out an attack and risk losing 35% health.  Another impressive strategy is the one he uses at 1:13 timestamp: forward+fierce punch into cr jab, cr fierce >hurricane kick.  By the time the opponent lands, he's able to take advantage and restart his combo again! 

Keep your eyes peeled on PungKo in the future.  This guy might be able to give even Japan's top players a run for their money!

The rest of the match videos:
ShikSup vs PungKo (2nd Set)
ShikSup vs PungKo (3rd Set)

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