AOU 2009 and…?

The Arcade Operators Union (AOU) Amusement Expo hit last Friday and Saturday, and there weren't many fighting titles this year, unfortunately.  However, they did show a brand-spanking new mech game that rivals Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna in terms of strategic multiplayer RTS style play. 

Boasting 10 vs 10 member team play, Sega's Border Break offers a variety of co-op play sure to entertain fans of the Virtual On and Gundam Seed Destiny genres.  Basic movement is based upon that same system, although it looks and appears closer to the Armored Core series.  There are four different mechs available called "Blast Runners", ranging from the classic sniper to the heavy class (sounds similar to team fortress).  You can even utilize swords for close range combat!

Border Break Gameplay Demo

The other big game showcased was of course, King of Fighters XII.  This is the latest location test build, and it looks like it's close to being completed.  There's a new bar showing the clash system among other things, but still no news on the last boss.  The visuals are rumored to be 3x better than what was shown in last year's AOU, and it's confirmed to be on the Taito Type X2 board which supports 1080P HD resolution. 

Kotaku posted several videos that are worth watching.

Finally, Cuong pointed toward a game that was mentioned in 1up's new podcast, listenup (or the more affectionately termed 4 guys, 1up).  In the latest podcast, Garnett Lee mentioned Retro/Grade, a finalist at the Independent Games Festival.  This isn't your typical top down shooter, no — the game starts off at the end of the game, and it's your job to navigate backwards in a rhythmical, DDR-ish shooting game

It's not as cute as say, DeathSmiles II, but it's super ingenious.  Makes you slap your forehead and go, "man, why didn't I think of that?"

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