Street Fighter IV Legends appear on TV Show (funny stuff)

SF4: Tokido (Go) vs Haruna Anno (Za) – Gamers Koshien

Found this really funny thread while browsing the forums.  Apparently there's a TV show called Gamers Koshien, and they featured a few famous Street Fighter players to come on their show.  Umehara Daigo, Mago, KSK, Tokido, and Itabashi Zangief participated in a mock tournament match with famous Idol / avid video gamer Anno Haruna as well as a few TV celebrities.

Some of the players had handicaps enabled (for example 25% life, extra health, etc) to make it fair against the…less experienced celebrities.  But while many of them were playing for fun and for laughs, Daigo and Mago were pretty much merciless.  Especially in this match where he beats on this old man:

SF4: Daigo (Ry) vs Ide (Ge) – Gamers Koshien

Speaking of which, I stumbled upon this Japanese fan site for Umehara Daigo.  It's mostly in Japanese, but you can see famous match vids from Daigo's illustrious arcade history.  Never knew he played Vampire Savior…that's news to me.  There's even an interview piece called "The Book of Daigo".  It's an interesting read on Japan's most famous player.

ウメハラまとめサイト :: The Beast Daigo

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  1. 1 Ignatius Wylie June 14, 2010 at 10:29 am

    It agree, it is the amusing information

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