A week in links (Resident Evil 5! Resident Evil 5! version)

This post is starting to get too long.  Can you believe it?  This might not be a bad thing but, hopefully unloading all of these links before the weekend won't become too cumbersome.  Lots of good stuff this week though!  Hopefully by the time this write up is done, and the translation work finished, and the mock ups outlined…I'll have room for Resident Evil 5. 


STREET FIGHTER IV (ストリートファイターIV):関連情報
Capcom artbook up for sale.  There's some nice images from SF IV included, of course. 

Capcom "Not Done" with HD Remixes: News from 1UP.com
More HD remixes down the pipe?  I'm not so confident about Marvel Vs Capcom, but Puzzle Fighter sounds neat.

YouTube – ストリートファイター4 CM
Remember that 14 year old girl who posed as Sakura?  Well here's her CM.

アニメの骨付き肉を再現したギャートルズ肉、試食レビュー – GIGAZINE

Whoa, that's a pretty nifty advertisement gimmick!  Especially in these dark economic times…makes my lips smack!

WACOMのプロ用ペンタブレット最新モデル「Intuos4」の画像が流出か – GIGAZINE
Wacom shows off it's new art tablet, the Intuos4.  Too bad I already got my bamboo though.  Might've bought this one instead…


iPod shuffle – Apple Store (U.S.)
Apple's new iPod shuffle actually talks to you.  Buy one and brag about your iPod touch to it, and then watch it go to therapy when it turns 30. 

Hacking Your VCR Yields Monster Results | Geekdad from Wired.com
This actually works.  Tried it on my VCR a few days ago and got a PS3 out of it.

Unborn chicken (and dog and cat) voices: Radiohead's Paranoid Android in Mario Paint – Offworld

An Open Letter From WATCHMEN Screenwriter David Hayter – HardcoreNerdity
Are you one of the few who still haven't seen Watchmen yet?  David Hayter (voice actor of Solid Snake and nerd God) has a tiny message for you…

『朧村正』絢爛豪華な和風剣劇絵巻 / ファミ通.com
I don't even know what this game is about, but this screenshot already sold me.

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