Some Street Fighter IV news

Looks like Umehara Daigo, the 2D God of game centers all across Japan has lost his Street Fighter IV card.  He used to be number one in the battle ranking system, but now people have taken notice that his current point standing hasn't changed since last week's.  He's currently in third place. 

Mago, the current number one player in the rankings, made a blog post about it and even speculated that Umehara might have lost his card at home.  He mentions talking to him about it in his post.  It only costs about 500 yen to buy a brand new one, but with a little effort Umehara should be back up to where he was (maybe).

Speaking of rankings, the Korean National Street Fighter IV Tournament ended not too long ago.  Poongko won, using Ryu and Seth.  Yoshinori Ono was on hand, and after the matches were completed, announced a world-wide tournament.  The U.S. is the last contender on the list.  I wonder why Europe and a few other countries weren't mentioned?

In other news, a new ranking list came out by the Japanese players.  Up until now, there haven't been any character ranking lists that included the home console characters, but now there's one out.  It's pretty interesting to note that Seth is ranked number 2, while Rose is placed at the very bottom. 

That's kinda odd, since most people already considered her near the top, if not the very top.  I wish they'd put out their reasons as to why certain characters are placed the way they are…

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