If you use Windows XP and haven’t updated since last October, please read this.

Ivysgrandkid's post reminded me about the upcoming Conficker exploit coming on Wednesday, April 1st, so if you're using a Windows XP machine (SP2) and haven't updated since last October, you might want to run an auto-update from Microsoft to Windows SP3.  Mac users, you're all safe, so no worries.  My machine is updated so I don't expect any problems here but I might install a firewall just in case. 

The virus has shown up on the other side of the globe, but so far it's been pretty quiet and no one knows what the virus does yet.  Many researchers have speculated it to be just another large bot-net trying to take over .gov and .edu infected PCs.

But fear not; those of you who already up-to-date with your regular monthly Windows updates, you should be okay. 

For more help and articles on this, please refer to the links below.

The Eight Things You Need to Know About 'Conficker' – PCMag.com

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