Examu, why ye release an imperfect game?

I recently got a chance to test play Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 for the PS2.  

It's utter crap.

No, no…that's not fair.  The right thing to say would be, "it's a crappy port of a good arcade game."  Yeah.  Something like that.

So what's wrong with Arcana Heart 2 exactly?  For starters, it has massive lag.  Some characters can't complete bread-and-butter combos due to it.  Others lose out on vital moves and ticks that made them good characters to use in the first place.  

The most baffling thing is the fact that some characters go out of focus if you so much as walk back and forth. 

But I don't get it though.  Examu did a good job with their previous Arcana Heart game, so why did they drop the ball this time around?  Is it the new cast of characters — eight to be exact?  Too many arcanas causing load problems?  I don't see that as a viable claim, since King of Fighters 2002: Ultimate Match clocked in with 66 playable characters.  Marvel vs Capcom 2 has 56 characters, and you can play three of them simultaneously.

If you're planning on porting Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2, don't do it.  Not all of the released game discs are plagued with this problem, but it's significant enough to cause an uproar among the fans.  The news hit the internet pretty quickly, so it's not some isolated copy in the wild that's ruining it.  Its a whole flock.

Oh and, some fan posted up this hilarious video of the whole debacle on youtube.  I lol'd…

Sugoi! Arcana Hitler 2

By the way, version 2.6 is the latest arcade version in Japan.  The port only goes up to version 2.5.  Just FYI.

Still dead-set on playing S!AH2? Read this helpful thread

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