Weekend Test Shoot

When I picture acting, I think of people who are comfortable being the center of attention in large crowds.  I think of people who, when you stare them in the eyes and ask if they're lying, reply back calmly with a straight-faced "no".  I think of people who probably could do a handstand and still lie without a moment's hesitation.

If you were to look me in the eye in a mob of peers and repeat that same question, you would find a small asian kid with a wide grin on his face fumbling the words out of his mouth.  And then you would say, "Oh, this kid sucks at lying."

I have a bit more respect for those in the performing field now.  Our first few takes during our test shoot over the weekend were unbelievably difficult.  I'm sure my friend was pretty frustrated with me when I couldn't help laughing during my lines.  A sure disappointment in his book, I'm sure.  He probably won't make that same mistake twice.

But it turns out though (with the right guidance and helpful bit of fatigue) that getting into character can be rather simple.  Not to mention having the right "concoction" in your veins adds a substantial amount of liquid courage.  I can see why some actors turn to the bottle rather quickly in their careers.  It was a worthwhile experience (not the drinking, I mean).

It's not so bad, this acting thing…

Hopefully I can get a bit of tape from that day and post it up here.  I'll have to check back down the week though.

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