Continuing the Street Fighter Championships — Did anyone notice this?

The versuscity blog posted an interesting story about sportsmanship in videogames.  I'm not condoning or condemning his actions, but Justin Wong seemed a bit distasteful during his match with Poongko, the Korean champion and Iyo, the Japanese champion.  During a few key points during the match, he would turn around and "raise the Rufus" in a seemingly call-and-response type of action with the crowd.  Call it hype or call it insulting, it happened.  More than once.

Alot of people have defended and railed against his actions.  It's weird.  I find it unnecessary, but jingoism does rear it's ugly head in tightly contested events such as these, and this tournament was no exception.  I don't want to think of America as the kind of country that raises a culture of sore winners, but sadly you don't need to walk far to find it.

Watch the video links on the previous post if you want to see it for yourself.  Just keep an eye on the the grey-hoodie guy.  That's Justin Wong.

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1 Response to “Continuing the Street Fighter Championships — Did anyone notice this?”

  1. 1 Melvin Forman June 14, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    You are right, it is exact

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