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My friend found something funny the other day.  He was browsing top ten lists of horrible tasting drinks on the internet, and found a really crazy one called the "drunk Mexican".  Why they were looking these drinks up in the first place, I don't know but I assumed they were going to try them (which they later said they would rather drink out of a toilet instead of take one of those).  I took a look at the ingredients for the "drunk Mexican" and nearly fell out of my chair:

Shot of tequila
Line of salt
Wedge of lime

Snort the line of salt
Shoot the tequila
Squirt the wedge in your eye

I still laugh out loud whenever I read that.  I don't know why it's so funny to me…maybe it's because I can picture an old, overweight Mexican guy with a beard and a sombrero drinking it and falling over?  But why would you need to snort a line of salt up your nose…why the lime in your eye? Geez, I'm thinking too hard on this…

Speaking of which, I remember reading another crazy one in a book called the "Hiroshima":

A cup of Sake
Cigarette or nearby ashtray

Sprinkle the cigarette ashes over the Sake

Wow.  Wooooow.  I can't even fathom what that would taste like.

A long time ago (when I was younger and less knowledgeable about the world) I do remember being tricked into taking this particular shot.  It was called "the Three Wisemen".  The Three Wisemen are (as I later found out) basically Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam, and Jack Daniels — the Three Wisemen of Whiskey.  I thought that was the worst tasting shot in the entire world, until I heard about the FOUR HORSEMEN:

Jim Beam
Johnnie Walker
Jack Daniels
Jose Cuervo

Mix all together and serve

Ugh.  I just looked it up on Wikipedia right now.  While I'll never ever bring this concoction near my lips, the different variations get funnier.  There's also a "Four Men go Hunting", "Four Men in a Boat", and my favorite, "Four Horsemen and Hell Follows".  There's gotta be more, this is too funny lol.  I shall post my research for posterity in the future.

I wonder what other kind of crazy named drinks are out there..?

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