A week in links (Happy Birthday, Bud version)

One of my best buds is having his birthday today (and tomorrow).  Happy twenty…six?  I think?  Wow, I'm a crappy friend, hahaha.  He'll never know the difference, heh…

He's a good guy though, but a bit on the loud side.  Massive film buff too — I respect alot of the movies he recommends.  He's got quite the touch for writing dialogue too!  I'd expect nothing less from a guy with an English degree.  Just look at Garrison Keilor.  Man's a national icon!

There's a lot of good stuff that came earlier in the week.  I didn't do alot of news searching for the past two days though, due to my busy schedule.  But all in all, a very nice haul!

Link by Link – Creator of Web Cartoon xkcd Writing a Paper Book – NYTimes.com
Webcomic XKCD gets a book deal — proof positive that working on something you love can eventually hit the big time!

Versus City » Blog Archive » Tougeki ‘09 Schedule Announced
August, 2009.  Japan's best and brightest arcade masters are gonna butt heads again.  Full schedule and game list.

Splash Page » EXCLUSIVE: Zac Efron Says ‘Full Metal Panic!’ Manga Adaptation ‘Likely Not Going To Happen’
Common sense hits Hollywood?  Can't say I wasn't sad to hear the news but, hmm.  I wonder what it would've been like?  Wait, no no…let's not tempt fate…

Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro Manga Ends in Japan on Monday – Anime News Network
Too bad.  Although it felt like it was starting to drag out, the show (and manga) itself was really entertaining.

戦いの舞台は大空のかなたへ『ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ スカイステージ(仮題)』 – ファミ通.com
Oh brother.  Say it ain't so!  Say it ain't so!!  A King of Fighters shooting game!?

Mega64 gets the first opening salvo on a Shadow of the Colossus movie!  Epic lulz.  I wonder if Hollywood is watching this…

このオタク語わかりますか? オタク語事典発売 「思ったよりちゃんと作っててビックリした」: せなか:オタロードBlog
Ever wondered what the latest and greatest otaku slang is?  Buy this book, and all shall be revealed.  On sale now.

Takenashi Eri, the Kannagi author updated her blog. She's doing well, but is working on her health to get it back to normal.

So this is what Daigo's voice sounds like.  I was expecting something more sinister and deep.  Good interview though, with Richard Li of 1up too!

Kotaku – How Modern TVs Ruin Old Games – Virtual Console

Have a plasma or LCD TV?  Read this and be informed on what happens when you plug in that 8-bit game.


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