Deadliest Warrior: Spartan vs Ninja

Deadliest Warrior S01E03 Spartan vs Ninja 5 5

Okay, so I'm watching this video about deadliest warriors up on youtube and…I'm confused.  I didn't catch the broadcast on Spike TV but, I don't know.  I'm gonna call shenanigans on this one. 

On the show, two cultural icons are pitted against each other in a one-on-one battle royale, comparing skills, arts and weaponry.  You don't see that in this particular video, but there are other parts up on youtube (just do a search on "spartan vs ninja" and you can find them).  Pretty interesting stuff.  I didn't know the short swords used by the spartans were so small.  The shield makes sense though.  The red cape kinda reminds me of 300.

I won't spoil who wins, but I will say that something like this isn't even comparable.  Spartans fought better as an army, while ninjas work best under cover of night.  A fight like this probably wouldn't even drag out as long as it did in the video — a single stroke and the battle is over, period.

That said…yeah.  I don't think it should have ended the way it did.  But that's TV for ya…throw common sense out the window for this one.

*edit: Viacom keeps calling DRM on the video, so it got taken down.  I put a new one up; you can see the actual fight at the 2.45 mark.

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