Winning is Dying: Meet “The Path”

I've never played this game.  After reading a few reviews on it, it's safe to say that I will never play this game.  I certainly could, I mean, I have a PC at home.  I'm typing on it right now.  But I'm still not convinced to play a title where the only worthwhile button to press is up.

Before we dig into this game, let's get a few things straight.  This game is trying to freak you out.  Or be artsy.  Or both, for all I know.  It's also about this old fairy tale — ever heard of Little Red Riding Hood?  Good.  Now throw that fond memory out the window; this is not the Red Riding Hood you used to know.

Sure, you could play the game normally and beat the game by just walking toward Grandma's house, but you don't.  In fact, you lose if you don't stray off the path and get brutally attacked by the villainous wolf.  You have to go out of your way and find the wolf six different times (since there's six total characters), get attacked (or something similar akin to it) and then endure a long, long walk to the house as your character stutters toward it. Did I mention you die when you reach Grandma's house?

The Path: Robins death

I'll give studio Tale of Tales one thing: this is a very, very nice looking game.  It's got the Silent Hill creepy noise effect peppered with visuals from American Mcgee's Alice going on in full force, and it looks delicously haunting. But that's it.  From there on it begins to fall apart because the game suffers from poor controls (and basic hardware problems).  There's no button to interact with anything, you have to walk toward something to initiate some form of cordial relation with the environment.

This review in particular had more technical problems with the entire game.

I've said all I'd like to say (minus the portion about implied rape in the game, since there's no visual cue that really shows it happening) about this title.  If your a fan of crazy plot setups and artsy-looking, Silent Hill-esque graphics, you might want to check out Tale of Tales other title, The Graveyard.  Rumor around the bend is that all you do in that game is sit on a bench and die. 

No joke.

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