A week in links (away from home version)

I'm not a salesman.  I don't have the talent to persuade people that they need something from me.  I could tell you how it's good for you and go the extra mile to find the best possible choice for you, but as for me being convincing, I suck at it.  Terribly.

I tried to convince a few of my local friends to go to a tournament.  Didn't pan out well — I tried to appeal to their competitive side and give reasons why they should consider, but they didn't want to and that was that.  What can you do…

So I'll be away from the computer this weekend.  I don't normally tear myself away from the keys, but this is a special thing that happens every once in a blue moon.  I'll be visiting some old chums again; looking forward to that!  It's always good to share a beer with an old pal. 

Kotaku – Famitsu Hands Out The 2008 Famitsu Awards – News
2008 awards?  Wasn't that like…last year?  Odd that it comes out this late, but oh well.  Worth a read I s'pose.

The World's Most Influential Person Is… – TIME
And the winner is…Moot from 4ch!  Wait, what??

ニコニコ動画iPhoneアプリが公開、動画視聴やコメント書き込みが可能に:モバイルチャンネル – CNET Japan
Nico Douga gets an iPhone app.  Should be pretty big; if you haven't bought stock in Nico Douga yet, you might want to consider it now!

This blog owns!!  Some Japanese guy came up with the brilliant idea to post pictures of his toy doing random stuff — you gotta see them for yourselves!

Central Park Media Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Updated) – Anime News Network
CPM, one of the oldest running companies porting anime over to the states has went under.  Rest in Peace.

Meet Mari, the new character in Evangelion!  She drives the first ever 4 wheel drive Eva, lol 

Chidejika 2.0: Improved digital TV mascot | Japan Probe
When Kusanagi from SMAP did his public "stunt", various companies immediately cancelled their contracts with him.  As a result, a new mascot was put in his place…this is 2ch's various "interepretations" of the new character (and is hilarious as always).

Julie Wolfson in Japan – Boing Boing
Interesting post, especially that last bit at the end about the pet stores.  I wonder what the Workaholic Hostess thinks of this?  Is it true?

Twitch – Studio 4C Goes To War In Russia! Brand New Trailer For Russian Anime FIRST SQUAD! 
FIRST SQUAD is a project created by Russian artists being ported over to the silver screen by the popular Studio 4C.  If those guys are on the job, you know it's gotta be good!

GameSetWatch – 4chan Group Releases Eroge Demo
Whoaaaaaa!  And it looks really good too!!

Kotaku – The NES Mouse Looks Beautiful, Uncomfortable – Nintendo
This is really unorthodox looking lol

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