Hey, lets look at Million Knights Vermilion!

Remember this game? The game with the androgynous male in it? Well a few versus matches have been popping up around the web and the game looks…interesting.

That's not to say the designs and the artwork aren't amazing. They certainly do look very well produced. But combine that with the stiff, awkward looking animation, and the result is…quirky at best. It amazes me how well the women in the game are able to fight so furiously without their clothes falling apart…

Gotta love it though whenever the Engrish speaking announcer says the (soon-to-be used by me) phrase, "Player 1 is Superior!"  That's pretty cocky.

Anyway, whoever made this game really enjoys wall bouncing and combo resetting a la a certain BlazBlue game (or that doujin game Eternal Fighter Zero) because nearly all the combos you'll see here are exactly that. Hell, the game mechanics even resemble BlazBlue. Coincidence?

Hopefully they fix the graphical glitches in the game as well in the next patch.

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