Protip: Staying up all night drinking doesn’t help you get up any earlier

None of these pictures are from me — I didn't have my camera on me, so Cuong kindly sent me his set of photos.  And to be honest, I didn't make it to the graduation ceremony either…although I did get a text asking me where I was at (which was passed out on a couch at a friend's house from the day before).  I did get up though (eventually) and trucked it over there only to arrive right when it ended, lol.  But at least I made it.

The night before was a blur.  It started off at this quote-unquote "Mongolian" grill restaurant that has two black guys who crooned to you while grilling your order.  Among the meat selections on hand, sausage was available (sausage??).  Last time I remember, sausage was invented somewhere in Germany wasn't it?

The best part of that restaurant was this mini platter of sake shots.  Our friend Zack was apparently ready to get wasted and wanted to order a four horsement shot, but since they didn't carry any heavy stuff we improvised and mixed these four shots into a suicide concoction and nicknamed it "the four pokemon" (each shot had a tag next to it — pearl, diamond, raspberry and I forget the last one…it was blue).

Although It smelled like bleach, it was surprisingly smooth!

(By the way, the reason it's called "the four pokemon" is because pokemon actually came out with a pearl, diamond, red and blue version….ahaha…)

After the restaurant, a huge gang of us descended down onto this new hooka bar called Heat.  We smoked hooka, drank, smoked cigars, drank…continuing on into the twilight until we got smaaaaaaashed.  After the bar closed down, a handful of us went to chill at a friend's house and hang out…and you know the rest of the story. 

Saturday pretty much came and went.  After the graduation ceremony, I went back home to sleep some more and then got up again for another round of partying at 7 pm.  Played some Street Fighter 4 on some TE and SE Madcatz sticks (bery gud!) and drank more beer, a shot of Remy (which killed me for the night) and some sake Phong's Japanese girlfriend bought for him.  Good stuff!

Our good friend Andy came out too!  A pretty rare sight, since some pretty heavy stuff has been going on in his life lately.  I'm glad to say we all had a good night.  And since Cuong took a picture of his anniversary sticks, might as well post them up onto the blog:

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