In which I attempt to copy another posting style

It was only recently I discovered that there was an additional 14th episode of Kannagi that was released DVD only.  Since I don't live in Japan, there's no way for me to lay my grubby mitts on a copy, but thanks to the Internet powers that be (aka Youtube), I got to watch the episode in its entirety (woohoo!).

At first I thought, "Well why wasn't this episode broadcast with the rest of the shows?  Did they have this finished before or after the first season's run?  Did they cut it because of what happened to Takenashi Eri?"  So many questions and not a single one answered…

Overall the show was mostly fun to watch.  It's not as epic as the legendary tenth episode, nor does it catch up with the main story after the thirteenth.  What it does have, are additional gags and fan service to both male and (surprisingly) female viewers.  Can you say half nekkid Daitetsu? 

There was also a little hat tip toward the first episode of Haruhi lol!  Good stuffs!

Hopefully this sets up a second season down the pipe.  I would definitely support it if the powers-that-be allowed it!  Please!


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1 Response to “In which I attempt to copy another posting style”

  1. 1 Ivysgrandkid June 3, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    im so going to start watching this!

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