A week in links (WHARRGARBL version)

It's getting hawt!  Unbearbly hawt!  Ahhh~!

At least it's not raining 24/7 here anymore.  It got so bad the roads were flooded nearly two days in a row.  Not fun.  I'm not very fond of the idea of turning my car into a makeshift boat the moment a wall of water creeps its way into door. 

Of course the big news this week came from E3.  I mean, it dominated a lot of Japanese news outlets…to my chagrin.  Not to say it wasn't bad!  Nooooo.  Not bad.  Good news.  Finally got to see Team Ico's new project in action, as well as hear about all these neato titles comin' next year! 

Looks like I can finally dust off the Wii again, heh heh.

Squirrel collects tissues in Japan
Incredibly cute.  Also very informative — apparently you can have squirrels as house pets in Japan!

barnum laboratory ::: バーナム ラボラトリー :::『星に願いを COLD BODY + WARM HEART』
Yahoo live streaming an anime?  Unheard of!  And this one's in BluRay HD quality, whoamg!  And it LOOKS cool too!  Super win!!

Beck Rock Manga Gets Live-Action Film with Hiro Mizushima – Anime News Network
One of my favorite Engrish music animes (aside from K-ON!) of all time, this news was throughly pleasing to see!

Fanboys Rage Against Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima
Bitmob had a funny blogpost about fanboys reacting to the news.  Expect lots of angry comments…I especially enjoyed the poem Dan Hsu mentions.

The Escapist : News : Valve Fans Form Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott Group
Konami isn't the only game company with an unsatisfied fanbase.  Valve also has their hands full too…

E309: Does Beatles: Rock Band have the most fantastically surreal game intro of all time? – Offworld
Drawn by the same people behind the Gorillaz, it's a seemingly drug-induced trip through Beatles nostalgia.  Very nice.

Japan Review Check: Infinite Space: News from 1UP.com
This game needs more eyeballs!  How could this gem of a premise be so under reported!? 

器から立ち上る火柱、京都の「めん馬鹿一代」でちょっと危険なラーメンを食べてきた – GIGAZINE
Funky idea for an attraction: Exploding Ramen!  Woo!


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