“Summer Wars” Trailer released online

「サマーウォーズ」 劇場用予告

The full trailer for Mamoru Hosada's (director of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) Summer Wars has been released online, and man oh man! Finally we get some details on what the movie's gonna be like!

It starts out as a fairly typical summer for 17-year-old Koiso Kenji, who's life turns upside down when he meets 18-year-old Shinohara Natsuki's enormous family during his second year of high school.

The plot begins a chain reaction of comical absurdity when Shinohara introduces Koiso to her grandmother as her boyfriend (much to his surprise).  From then on, the story turns pretty hairy — images of a strange meteor crash, a seemingly alien civilization, and a worldwide crisis that threatens the entire family?  What in the world is going on!?

As typical of Hosada's stories, there's always more than meets the eye here.  Alien worlds?  A worldwide crisis?  What's so terrible that Kenji's mugshot gets plastered on the TV set?

Man this movie looks so intriguing, so many mysteries!

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