A week in links (Social Networking version)

Anybody get a vanity url for facebook?  I got mine!  I won't tell what it is, but if you know who I am, well…it's pretty much a no-brainer.  I'm not too terribly crazy about facebook, but it is a bit easier keeping up with friends and such.  E-stalker anyone?

It's odd that nowadays all of my correspondence within my social circle stays within the online world of facebook.  I don't get too many phone calls, although I do get occasional sms texts from buddys. 

But looking back, I wish I had been a little bit more creative before settling on my name.  I did a few searches on facebook and saw some really, really, really creative stuff!

Christine Shipley – San Francisco, CA | Facebook
I don't know code — can someone explain this one for me?  Pretty clever nonetheless!

Michael Smith | Facebook
Another clever facebook vanity url!  But it has that weird code behind it too…

Nikki Landon | Facebook
Best url ever?  Ladies and gentlemen, we might have a winner!

Facebook Finally Catches Up To MySpace In The U.S.
Die MySpace, die! 

P.S. Triple's Page on 1UP.com
Meet Triple, the ficitional anime version of the PS3.  Comics available exclusively on 1UP — in English!

One of the best tournament write-ups I have ever read.  I don't usually read long posts, but this one had me riveted all the way to the very end.  Having videos helped out too!

Hayao Miyazaki to Appear in S. California on July 28 (Updated)
The legendary filmmaker is set to speak at U.C. Berkeley — if you live around the San Fran area, I'd highly recommend buying tickets to see him…although they might be sold out already…

Alice and Kev
Meet Alice and her father Kev — two homeless characters living out their dreams as best they can in the world of Sims 3.  Funny stuff!

Slashdot Science Story | NASA To Trigger Massive Explosion On the Moon In Search of Ice
What the hell?  Why do we need to blow up the moon?  Crazy scientists — they'll be the death of us all!!

MTV True Life Wants to Know – Are you Addicted to Gaming? Casting Call
I don't think I'm hardcore enough to join, maybe someone else out there will sign up?  Might be a blast to watch too, who knows?

CLAMP To Design Special Costume For TEKKEN 6! « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource!
They had the same thing for Tekken 5, so it's pretty nice to see them trying it out again with 6.

ブレスレットケータイ?ソニーがリング型の携帯電話を発売か – GIGAZINE
Is Sony planning on making a bracelet phone?

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