This is hands down, the best looking doujin game ever.

Doujin games typically fall into either one of two categories: either wonderfully majestic to behold, or clunky and boring.  This game on the other hand, falls into neither category.  That's right, neither, because this title totally blows anything before it completely out of the water. 

Vanguard Princess looks fairly normal when you see the title screen, but as soon as you select your character and venture into story mode, the visuals slap you in the face and shower your eyes with bright, rainbow-colored pixels that look like they were soaked in skittles sauce.  It's almost on par with BlazBlue in terms of fluidity and animation — it's that good!

The game system itself is also a bit interesting.  At first I thought it'd play like most other doujin fighters with dial-a-combos and air-dashing (too much BlazBlue, I know) but it has none of that.  Rather, it plays more like a stylistic version of Street Fighter with Arcana Heart's partner system.  Don't bother trying to combo using the standard method, using your partner in combos is an absolute must.  Take this for example:

ヴァンガードプリンセス – Vanguard Princess – Saki Nonsense 2


It looks easy, but it's much more complicated than it looks.  The results are reeeeeally worth it though, look at that damage!

Nonetheless, you can't argue with the fact that it's FREE.  It costs absolutely no money to play, despite the undeniable polish this game presents.  Zepy over at Canned Dogs reported that the game was made by ex-Capcom employee Sugeno Tomoaki, so that might be a reasonable explanation for such high quality.  It's very impressive work for just one man! 

So for you fans who can't / haven't been able to afford BlazBlue yet, here's your free hookup!

Sugeno's Blog (Official Site)
Vector Download Page (Japanese)

Here's more drool-worthy pics for your pleasure:


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1 Response to “This is hands down, the best looking doujin game ever.”

  1. 1 Gervais Ault May 16, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    This phrase is simply matchless 😉

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