A week in links (Fireworks mixed with Beer version)

It's the eve before July 4th, and as per usual it's gonna be a noisy, drunken mess.  Tomorrow my good friend Hung is throwing a BBQ party at his house, so alot of us will be heading that way, beers in hand.  Happy 4th to all of you voxers (and non-voxers) who live in the states!

So last week was a no show and I terribly apologize.  Unfortunately I was being a bum as usual, and true to form I was off doing other things when I should have been posting.  It's entirely my fault.

…I recently started cutting my own hair.  It's kind of a fun experiment, and I was spurred on by a friend (who happens to be the most popular hairstylist at his salon).  I was always curious as to who cuts a barber's hair, a question which oft goes unanswered — or answered with a puzzling look of "wtf"?  But I digress…

7月からの新アニメ『CANAAN』試写会に行って参りました!+リン・レンいよいよ発売なのです!!|グッドスマイルカンパニー勤務 あさのんブログ【毎週土日更新!】
Starting in July, Figma will be showcasing new figures from Canaan, along with Kagamine Ren and Rin figures!  Jeez, these guys never let up!

Lifehacker – Dress Up Your Ties with the "Merovingian Knot" – Fashion Hacks
Show off your geekiness with the Matrix-inspired Merovingian Knot.  Only for the hardest of the hardcore…

闘劇 -S.B.O.- (TOUGEKI) on Twitter
Hi there!  SBO is using Twitter!  Wtf!?

新世代「鉄拳」本格始動開始!! PS3/Xbox 360/PSP『鉄拳6』が正式発表 – iNSIDE
More images of Clamp's extra outfit for Jin Kazama.  Looks a little unwieldy…

Creatures from the Sewer | Deep Sea News
You gotta see this.  Looks something like a viral vid, but apparently it's a real thing…

Flickr Photo Download: Resume infographic
(from Digg) All resumes should look like this!

Fancy Fast Food
Too cheap for that 5 Star restaurant?  Make that special trip to Wendys and serve up some gourmet dishes lol

ダッチワイフがタッグベルト挑戦!!! part1‐ニコニコ動画(ββ)
Somewhere out there in the Pro Japanese wrestling circles, a single man has partnered up with a blow up doll challenging the world stage…

Meet the evangelion cafe.  Some of those dishes look quite tasty!

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