A week in links (Going out of town again version)

This weekend I'm heading out to a tournament for BlazBlue, so wish me luck!  They have other games I'm interested in too like Street Fighter 4 and Guilty Gear, but I think I'll just stick with BlazBlue.  I'm eager to see how good my friends have gotten with it, as well as the level of interest people around here have for it.

A few friends are going too, so hopefully they do well.  I know one of them is certain to do well, since he's a pretty big fan of Guilty Gear (and very good at it too). 

Has anyone tried playing BlazBlue online yet?  It's blazingly fast!  I first thought it'd be slow because of the way the match started, but as soon as the word ACTION flashed across the screen, I didn't feel any lag at all. 

We played over 30+ matches, and only one match was unbearably laggy — everything else was very smooth.  There's no double blind unfortunately, but with 12 characteres you can't really help it. 

Everybody should go try it out — I'll be back with results Monday!

Destructoid – BlazBlue DLC jumps the gun, sucks crocodile nuts
At first glance I thought Arc Sys was pulling another Capcom, but it turns out you can unlock the content yourself, unless you want to pay that $1 to save some time.

フェラーリのF1マシンをもとにしたコンセプトデザイン「Ferrari X-Racer」 – GIGAZINE

フジテレビ“ノイタミナ” TVアニメ 東のエデン SPECIAL SITE
Hearing Juiz's voice (from Higashi no Eden) made me chuckle

nSports – wizja e-sportu jakiego jeszcze nie znano :: Oficjalna Polska strona & forum CS2D
Gibberish aside, this is a really interesting interview with Ji3MoonAce, a very talented Tekken 6 player from Korea.  Lots of good bits of news here!

YouTube – How not to play Virtua Fighter 5
Stay tuned after the match — there's some crazy hijinx involved!

Everytime one of these pic threads pop up, it always boggles my mind the amount of stuff one person can buy (and fill a room a with)

Coding Horror: How Not to Advertise on the Internet
Or is it the best?  Sex sells, man…sex sells…

Gundam promotes Tokyo 2016’s Olympic bid › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
Oh…so that's what it's supposed to be used for…

60 million stung in social networking rip-off – News, Gadgets & Tech – The Independent
Stay away from Tagged.com.  Seriously folks, it's bad news.

iPhone 3GS Keeps No.1 In Japan On Its 2nd Week
Good news for western markets perhaps?

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