Had some versus play with Vanguard Princess and…

…It wasn't too bad.  It's a bit awkward at first for us since we didn't know how to use the loli support character that well, but after a few matches into the night we were picking it up pretty easily.  Combos are still a bit of mystery to us, so alot of our time was spent trying to out footsie the other.

I did pick up a few bits of strategy while playing, and it seems the most beginner-friendly assist is the mecha-loli しえら (Shiera).  Forward and D fires a full screen gunshot 4 times, which helps getting in and limiting the other person's movement.  Down and D is your "smart bomb" attack — if you crossover your opponent, you can trick them into guarding the wrong direction. 

There's lots of strategies for the other assist characters…I'm sure with a bit of creativity and fortitude you can find some pretty amazing setups as well.

As far as tiers:

In my opinion, after seeing what most characters are capable of (and depending on which assist you're using), I'd say the tiers would go something like this:

A Tier: Yui, Eri
B Tier: Saki, Lilith, Ayane, Kaede, Haruka, Natalie
C Tier:  Kurumi, Luna

Yuri and Eri are just waaaaay too good…refer to the match video down below. 

Regarding C Tier: the problem with Luna is her lack of a normal throw (she can only do it out of a stance) and lack of forward / back dashes.  People like Eri can stay in her face with no worries whatsoever, so either Luna has to make you stay out with well placed gunshots, or employ a really patient defense / turtling game. 

It's important to note that Kurumi (with Eko assist) has an easy time of charging up her meter, as well as having a redizzy infinite.  Her only problem is her lack of moves and range.

I've been looking up match videos around Nico Douga and Youtube, and I think this one (out of the handful of vids out there) is the best example of high-level play.  Note the use of redizzy infinites.

ヴァンガードプリンセス Vanguard Princess – Team Sp00ky Sample July 9 2009 Netplay

I use Saki as my main character, so I was also surprised to find this:

ヴァンガードプリンセス Vanguard Princess – Saki / Sierra Combo Video コンボビデオ

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