Hatsune Miku’s model is 13 years old

And very talented to boot!

Project Diva is a new rhythm game for the PSP featuring Hatsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloid gang from Yamaha's popular voice synthesizer app. It's pretty similar in form to Elite Beat Agents, borrowing several elements from the popular Dance Dance Revolution franchise too.

There've been a few custom edits posted up on Nico Douga as well as YouTube for the game.  It hasn't quite hit the level that iDOLM@STER has reached in terms of fan-made videos, but mark my words it'll get there soon (judging from the amount of Vocaloid videos floating around out there).

One of the great things about SEGA is their uncanny ability to latch on to the latest internet crazes, case in point Hatsune Miku. The 13 year old model is Ogura Yui, a famous child idol celebrity who is part of the Hello! Project, so of course it makes sense that she can dance!

Guess you can't ask for a better model than a real diva, eh?

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